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-Are they for sales ?

-They are going to be on sales in a couple of weeks! I can't tell when exactly so be patient ~

-Which characters are going to be on sales?

Mad Father
(will add more later)


The witch's house

-Yume Nikki
(might add more later)

Of course I am planning to do other horror RPGs like Misao , the crooked man , corpse party , etc
but Im only doing these for now.

-How much are you going to sell them?

- 5$ each and might make a price for a set

-Where are you going to sell them?

-I don't know yet but probably on Ebay and Etsy

Are the keychains handmade?

-Yes purely handmade :)

If there's any questions feel free to ask me~

I will make an other journal entry in a couple of weeks when the keychains are going to be on sales . You can contact me already if you are interested in buying one just need to tell me which character(s) you want and the quantity . I will contact you (you must provide an email ) once they are going to be on sales .

To contact me :
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April 30, 2013


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